NERFA appearances

Crowne Plaza, Stamford, CT

Returning to NERFA in Stamford. I'll be helping out Nancy Emrich in her Lilfest Guerrilla rooms, and will help Terry Kitchen host some Guerrilla rooms -

Here are the Showcases

Thursday, 1:45 AM 15 min in More LilFest 2069

Friday afternoon 3:30 PM 30 min n More LilFest 2069

Friday, 11:45 PM for :15 in LilFest 2068

Fri 12.45-1am Trespass Music 2063

Friday 1.10 AM for 10 mins in RISA 2043

Saturday afternoon 4:00 PM 30 min in More LilFest 2068

Saturday 11:45 PM for :15 in LilFest 2068

Sat Night 1.30-2am SSS ITR w Lindsey Sampson and Rachel Marie. 2043