1. Last Fire
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Written against the prompt "Fire" for a Dan and Faith Song Challenge Sept 2017


Last Fire
Rick Drost 2017

I bring fire to all the planets in the galaxy
With a crystal that I hold to catch their sun
All gather round for warmth; I tell them it’s a gift
To use with love and share with everyone

So it always starts out well; they learn to tend the fires
Share them, cook, stay warm, keep beasts at bay
Then someone wants the biggest fire and someone wants the only one
Once fighting starts it all will burn away.
And the prairies burn,
And the forests burn,
And soon it’s only cinders and ash.

Had high hopes for this one planet I enlightened long ago:
They learned to share the fires, make tools and glass.
Built Cathedrals with stained windows let the colored sunlight through
Orchestras and choirs sing Allelu

Then they started burning anyone who wouldn’t sing their tune,
Burned books of foreign thoughts and foreign songs
Then they learned to can the fire
And rain it down on everyone
And everything will burn before too long
And their cities burn
And their forests burn
And soon again it’s cinders and ash

Now I’m some empty planet of some sun i’ve never seen
Should find one near that’s not had fire before
But so far all I have done has only come to stone and ash
And I don’t want no part of it no more

So I’ve collected fuel; found some tinder in my poke
For one last time I’ve caught the sun in crystal
I lie here in the warmth; my diamond shattered at my feet
I’ll still be here after the fire dwindles

Farewell to all the silent stars
The planets stone and ash
The planets stone and ashen soon to be

Still warm but getting colder
Use the fire well!
Share the fire with love!