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Faux-country song from a jilted lover to his rival.
Bill Newton, Harmonica; Ed Butler, Percussion; FJ Ventre, Bass; Jon Shain and FJ Ventre, Backing Vocals


Hey there buddy, you know you don’t have to snub me,
You can say hello when passin’ on the street.
You got her keys I never had ‘em:
I hope that that will gladden you,
So just be civil anytime we meet.

The lady let me know the score.
You won what you were playin’ for.
So take your prize, enjoy it,
But make sure you treat her kind.
‘Cause even though she made me go
I’ll be okay because I know
I’ve got a little corner of her mind.

I’m in there
Smiling while she’s kissin’ you good mornin’.
You’ll taste my cookin’ in your food
You’ll drink my kind of wine.
And even if you kill me dead I’m in your bed, I’m in her head:
I’ve got a little corner of her mind.

The lady told me yesterday she didn’t love me anyway;
I guess I’ll spend my time now runnin’ free.
I’ll read her letters when she writes me,
And I’ll come when she invites me,
When we’re talkin’ just go in and watch TV.
I took that picture on the wall.
You’ll see my footprints in the hall.
The coffee mug you drink from
At her table once was mine.
You might as well get used to me,
‘Cause where she is there I will be:
I’ve got a little corner of her mind.