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Saga of my development since seeing a chicken playing tic tac toe in New Orleans in 1971


Tic Tac Toe Chicken - Rick Drost - 2022

I'm an honest working chicken
In a tall glass case
in the back of a bar
where the ships come in
And the men come in
And they have a beer and shot
They come back to play the chicken
Show each other what they got
We play tic tac toe
And they'll never win
But they wanna beat the chicken
So they'll put their quarters in
I play the Xs, and they play the Os
I'm a chicken playin tic tac toe
It's my move first
And a little bell rings
A light blinks in the center
and I peck at the light
And My X appears,
Corn drops into a bin
I eat the corn; they play their O
We go until I tie or win
My life might be circumscribed
But the corn is good
And the coop is warm all night
So as long as I keep peckin at the light
I'm a chicken playing tic tac toe.
I work 9 to 6
in a gray cloth cube
pushin pixels on a screen
for the com pa ny
And a mail comes in
As a little bell rings
Says “Can you
have a look at this for me”
So i dig right in
Changing black to white
And white to black
'til it works alright
And the bell rings again:
Sayin' “Thanks, great work.
Now I betcha you can fix this one
For us by tonight”
So i'll skip lunch
Maybe later catch a bite
'Cause I have important things to do
Pushin pixels in a gray cloth cube
Now I'm walking down the avenue
Starin at my phone
A bell just rang
And it might be a like
If I like them
Maybe they'll like me
I'm building up
My virtual family
Honking cars, scowling people:
They'll just have to keep clear
I'm following my friends to
Anywhere but here
Pascagoula, Wala Walla, Istanbul or Rome
I got the Whole World in my hand
I'm tappin out likes on my phone
Pushing pixels in a gray cloth cube
I'm a chicken playin tic tac toe