1. Just a Moment


Just a Moment Rick Drost 1968

Just a Moment's barefoot walk down still-warm slate at 2AM
A muggy night, a gentle breeze, a tired group among the trees
Just a moment's invitation to a dying conversation
A moment's smile made it much more,
Recollecting one i'd maybe seen the night before

A moment's glance through sleepy eyes, answering without reply
We shared our secret with the sky
Kept it from another

For a moment there we wished we’d found ourselves the only ones around
lying on the gentle ground we talked a while without a sound

In a Moment all a weary foolish evening spent out late
a life left in the hands of fate
Became worth livin for another day

That day, our day by the sea
Floatin' and our motion in communion through the ocean

Moments of reserve or of abandon running through the sand;
Sand was running out to sea; Sea caressed the open sky and shiny pebbles-
Laughing as we watched them dull and dry,
we stayed too long but then our day I could do nothing wrong

From sunrise to sunset
dinner by candlelight, lingering into night
loving caresses, you let down your hair
With sweet claret kisses in wine colored air

Then Just a moment's thought about a promise made upon a day
Not Long ago A letter came from far away: you had to go
and said you did not feel the same
it wasn't me that was to blame

But that's all right I understand, I'll walk you home not holding hands
And maybe in a moment I 'll forget what I had planned for us

And someday if we pass within a half mile
We can share with just a half smile fleeting moment of illusion
Our confusion, which was all that it was hmm, hmm hmm
all that it was , and all was meant to be in just a moment