1. Price of Fear
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Where does war come from?


The Price of Fear - Rick Drost - @ 2012 - Cambridge MA

The diver’s poised, prepared to go
Reflections warping in the water far below
Drawn taller yet, she breathes in slow
And Stiller Still, because she knows
She jumps too hard, she’ll fly too far
A hesitation, she’ll fall too near
And failing easy balance she will pay the price of fear

Your repartee has fallen flat.
How could you say a thing like that?
Disbelief flits ‘cross her brow
You fumble and you stumble, fear more trouble, stop for now
And Next day too, you let it pass
Still you’ve no answer; she won’t dare ask.
So day by day, and year to year
You both start paying The price of fear

What are you afraid of?
Muffled laughter, losing love?
Fear of flying, fear of falling,
Fear you hear your mother calling
Fear that no one’s calling you at all?

The far-off King’s an evil man
He prays to Gods that we don’t understand
Our own King fears he’ll be attacked
He’s not a Man if he’s only striking back
Send in the Boys to shock and awe
They’re fighting back still! Send ten thousand more
And generations hence will pay
The price of fear we feel today

What is it you fear most?
Old Duties or your Childhood’s Ghost
Say it softly; shout it loud
Sing it to a Singing Bowl
Stir and listen till it turns to Gold

To every soul That’s ever bled
The Five of Swords will turn up in the spread
There’s no denying a hard decision
It’s fight or Fly: diffidence is dereliction
But Turned around, the swords are stilts
Lay treasures down; dance on the hilts
Other choices will appear
Catch and still the voice of fear

Other voices you will hear
Catch and still ….