1. Juli and Romy
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The swans in Boston's Public Garden, who swim so serenely are known the world over as Romeo and Juliet. The Globe reports that they are in fact two females. This is my valentine to them.


Juli and Romy

Sunrise gleams on Park Street spires
Warblers waken; we arise
“Good morrow, coz” we hear them here below
Bleacher-fans and Brahmins know
We’re Juliet and Romeo
Two swans on Garden pond,
Out turning slow

We’re christened lovebirds, best of breed
They placed us in our willowed Eden
Snowy white on emerald green
To glide in graceful dance serene
Inspiring love in all who’ve seen us
At our silent minuet
Though there’s no Romeo between us
Both of us are Juliet

Eye to eye and breast to breast
Each doubled twice; our waves caress us
Ask and listen; dip and bow;
Who bowed the last will curtsy now

As changes ring on carillon
At noon the swan boats come ‘round
Cygnets come from far and wee
To ride on back so tranquilly
Perhaps a flame-haired, freckled lad
Gives our thoughts voice, and asks his dad
Which swan would be Romeo;
Who Juliet would be

Who will build the nest today?
If I warm the eggs we lay,
Would you draw a foe away?
Turn by turn our love will stay

Turning world streams setting sun down Newbury as evening light
Gilds cathedral elms up from below
Brownstone, redbrick, verdigris facades
will bow and wink as we’re
Now Mirrored in vermilion, turning slow

Heart to heart and face to face
Necks acurve a third heart trace
With wings unclipped by love we’ll fly
Circling stars in Sapphire sky
We glide… and decide…
Who will be our Romeo; who’s Juliet tonight.

Sun rides in on morning tide
We turn and glide again
“Good Morrow Coz”, the song rings from above.
We’re Romeo and Juliet to trustees and to trenchermen
To feathered friends we’re just two swans in love.