1. Sonnfrae
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Rick Drost

Comin’ from the woods I met you
Somewhere near the edge of town.
I played a song, you made a picture,
Talked, and sleepy we lay down
And found each other for a moment, and a moment’s afterglow,
Your ceiling high above us, and the buses far below.

In my pockets I found toys for you I never knew were there.
And only halfway wantin’ to you took them, knowin’ we would share
But another evening through and wake up laughin’ with the sun:
Lovers we were more than two, but never were we one.

So we walked the stone steps down to where our pathway met the sea;
Filled our pockets full of sighs and shells and pebbles,
Smiled, and parted company.
“I’m goin to the other side”, I said, “I hope I see you there”.
You say your way is in a ship and mine is in the air.

Loosened by your farewell kiss my wings unfold and carry me
Aloft to where the town is but a circlin’ memory
I see you lookin’ upward where the forest meets the sea;
Oh woman can’t you see you could be flyin’ here with me.
Unfold your wings and fly!

Tirin’ of my airy flight, I hover, glide, alight and find
A sun-warm boulder water-worn, where I can lie and ease my mind,
And let the voice of mountain water talk me off to sleep.
And let your voice, like mountain water talk me off to sleep.